Research Students

Prof. Gupta has been the driving force for many students. Under his supervision 16 students have completed their Ph.D and 3 Ph.D students are still in progress. He has been a mentor of 40 students at master’s level and 32 students at bachelors’ level. He has been a guiding light for 18 students in their summer projects.

Ph. D. (Completed)

  • 2019 | Jincy Joy
    PCL scaffolds for Cardiac Tissue Engineering
  • 2019 | Chetna Verma
    Tragacanth Gum based Nano Drug Delivery System
  • 2017 | Surabhi Singh
    Soy Protein Reinforced Dextran based Wound dressing
  • 2016 | Sheetal Monga
    Development of Biodegradable Polyurethane for Biomedical Application
  • 2015 | Roopali Agrawal
    Development of Aloe Vera based Hydrogel Wound Dressings
  • 2015 | Mythili Tummalapalli
    Development of Biocomposite wound dressings
  • 2013 | K. Krishnanand
    Studies on the Development of Bioreceptive Polycaprolactone filaments
  • 2013 | Deepti Gautam
    Development of Graft Copolymer Membranes for Fuel Cells
  • 2013 | Sadiya Anjum
    Removal of Arsenic from Water by Polymeric Support
  • 2013 | Shamayita Patra
    Development of PCL Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering of Blood Vessels
  • 2012 | Mamta Kumari
    Preparation of Thermosensitive Membranes for Transdermal Drug Delivery by Radiation grafting of Acrylic Acid/N-isopropylacrylamide Mixture on Polypropylene Fabric
  • 2011 | Shalini Saxena
    Development of Antimicrobial Polypropylene Sutures by Plasma Processing and Graft polymerization
  • 2011 | Abhishek Mishra
    Development of Antimicrobial Acrylic Polymers for Water Disinfection
  • 2011 | Navdeep Grover
    Bioreceptive Polyester Knittings for Tissue Engineering for Urinary Bladder Reconstruction
  • 2008 | Abha Arora
    Design and Development of Chitosan-based Bioactive Wound Healing Systems
  • 2006 | Rachna Jain
    Development of Radiation Grafted Polypropylene Antimicrobial Sutures
  • 2006 | Nilesh Revagade
    Development of Biodegradable PLA filaments and Knittings for Tissue Engineering
  • 2002 | Nishat Anjum
    Development & Applications of Radiation Grafted Polyethylene Ion Exchange Membranes